The goal when simplifying trigonometric expressions is to take an expression with more than one term or trigonometric function and condense i​t as much as possible using either algebra or Trigonometric Identities

Example: (tan(x)csc(x))/csc2(x)

1) Cancel one csc(x)
2) Substitute values into sine and cosine
3) Multiply both numerator and denominator by sin(x)
4) Recieve answer



This page << >> will try to simplify any trigonometric expression. Type your expression into the box on the home page. Your expression may contain sin, cos, tan, sec, etc. When you click the button, this page will try to apply 25 different trig. identities that it knows about to simplify your expression. As an example, try typing sin(x)^2+cos(x)^2 and see what you get. It's pretty cool!

Here are some short clips to show you the thought process behind each step and to make understanding how to simplify trigonometric expressions a little easier.